Frantoi Cutrera Primo - Sicilian Cold-Extracted Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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This top quality Sicilian extra-virgin olive oil will bring out the best flavors in your dish. No matter how you use it, you will taste the quality that is drawing international attention.

It is highly recommended in the kitchen as a superb complement of tasty and determined dishes. Great for roasted meat or fish, grilled meat, salads and minestrone soup.The intense taste of olive oil can be experienced drizzled on a simple bruschetta , rigorously poured on the hot toasted bread, or in a green salad.

Primo is obtained using only the early green harvest of the single variety Tonda Iblea olives and is cold extracted. The olives are cold pressed within six hours of being picked. The olives for Primo are organically farmed.

This award winning olive oil is produced in the in Chiaramonte Gulfi area of southern Sicily.

It is green with golden reflections and Intensely fruity. The notes are elegant and spicy with elements of green tomato. You may notice the clear notes of balsamic herbs and sweet almond, the latter certainly from the single variety Tonda Iblea olives. The result is a nice harmony of sweet, bitter, and spicy elements.

17fl oz