Cantina di Mogoro - Sardegna Semidano 'Anastasia' 2018

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REGION: Sardegna

APPELLATION: Sardegna Semidano di Mogoro DOC

GRAPES: Semidano 100%.

Anastasia is the name of a temple built in pre-nuragic era, dating from XIV century B.C, which is located in Sardara, a village near Mogoro. It’s one of the best areas for Semidano growing.

SEMIDANO: The most ancient reports of this vine date from 1780 BC. After unsuccessful attempts to production in other areas of the island, the Semidano was recognized as a variety of unique expression in the Mogoro area, getting the DOC. It’s an unproductive vine characterized by small and compact clusters, with medium resistance to cryptogams. It’s sometimes confused with Nuragus grape for its similar shapes of vine shoots and leaves. Maturation occurs in the second week of September. In late harvest, the first ten days of October, the Semidano gives white wines of great structure and complexity or fascinating sweet wines.

It 'a “flexible” wine that meets lot of tastes, thanks to its special features and balance. It’s much appreciated as aperitif, and it is fascinating companion of tasty pasta dishes with scallops, shrimps and seafood; nice match with white meats, raw or scalded fish flavored with fresh aromatic herbs or light sauces (no garlic please!).

They are placed in Mogoro surrounding areas on coastal sandy soils and in low hillside areas, on clayey-calcareous medium texture soils. The climate is sub/arid with mild winters and very hot summers, cooled by the salty winds of the mistral. The average annual rainfall is 500 mm. The harvest is manual and crushing occurs within a few hours from picking.. The yield per hectare is 80/90 q.

Short maceration of the must with the skins. Temperature control of fermentation and use of selected yeasts. Low-temperature fermentation and following ageing for 30 days on the lees in stainless steel vats. Ageing on fine lees and “bâtonnage” (stirring up of the lees) for 40 days in stainless steel.

Sterile under nitrogen pressure. A wine of great structure and extracts; it expresses its best and ennobles its characteristics along an ageing period that lasts more than a year. The optimal storage conditions are essential to appreciate the best characteristics of the wine.

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