Casale del Giglio - Lazio Bianco 'Faro della Guardia' 2017

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A native of Italy’s Campania region, the Biancolella grape was introduced to the Island of Ponza from the Island of Ischia (in the Bay of Naples) during the 18th century, when the city was ruled by the Bourbon monarchs.

Cultivation of the grape in the Lazio region is authorized exclusively on the Island of Ponza where it grows at the base of a sheer sea cliff surmounted by the imposing lighthouse, ‘Il Faro della Guardia’. Built in 1886, the lighthouse rises 112 metres above sea level.

Its rotating beam of white light has a range of 24 nautical miles and a mainly southerly sweep through 225 degrees.

The deepest part of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the trench known as ‘La Fossa del Tirreno’, lies some eleven miles to the southwest of the lighthouse rock.

]This white wine is produced exclusively from Biancolella grapes, a typical variety from central Italy and the islands.

The grapes undergo a ‘traditional’ white wine vinification process starting with a soft pressing of the whole grapes and a subsequent spontaneous fermentation at 20°C on indigenous yeasts.

It is then aged on the lees for about 7-8 months before bottling

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