Chickmagalur Karnataka

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Medium roast, but the darkest from Gianni Frasi. India’s original coffee.

The Revelation.

At "Ponente", in the deepness of the monsoon region, coming from a microclimate of a perfection beyond our imagination, a dream has been born: Chickmagalur Kartanaka.

Cultivated at 1,100 m of altitude, near the village of Magalur, is a single variety of Arabic that archaic procedures has made into a unique expression of coffee.

Harvested by hand it is washed twice.

The first approach expands the limits of any known sensorial universe, while the deepness in structure and body, it will seduce your mind with vibrating sensations of cocoa and chocolate.

And again, in a infinite concentration of cocoa that goes over the farthest memories.

That's the gift.

Available, whole bean, in a 1.1 lb. bag.