Casale del Giglio - Lazio Bianco 'Bellone' 2016

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Bellone is a grape variety cited by Pliny the Elder and present in the Latium region since Roman times.

Today the grape is cultivated from the Roman to the Lepini hills and beyond to the hinterland of the coastal town of Anzio, where, in warm sandy soils tempered by a relentless sea breeze, the grape has found an ideal microclimate.

The Bellone grape is vigorous and resistant to drought – a guarantee for wine quality and balance – while its plump, golden yellow, thickskinned grapes hang in elongated, cone-shaped bunches.
The persistent sea breeze contributes to the over-ripening of the grapes while a high concentration of both sugar and acidity lead to early maturation and the highlighting of the wine’s pronounced mineral notes.
The grapes are harvested at the end of September.
Vinification takes place in two stages: first, maceration on the skins to encourage extraction of the aromas bestowed by the territory then, after soft pressing, spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts for around 10-12 days at 18-20°C.

Deep yellow flecked with gold.
The wine evokes sunshine and ripe tropical fruit such as mango and papaya, carefully balanced by a marked acidity which makes it suitable for long bottle aging. Rich, ample and lingering on the palate with light floral and spicy notes.
Hallmarked by its pronounced acidity and zesty tang. A long finish.

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