Santa Chiara - Ligurian Cold-Extracted Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Santa Chiara is the delicate and most successful oil from Costa dei Rosmarini. It is used in some of the most famous Restaurants and in the most elegant Hotels in Italy and abroad. Made with 100% Italian olives, in particular the one named Taggiasca from Liguria, it combines an outstanding quality with a exclusive packaging.

Santa Chiara is a delicate, very fragrant oil and, as peculiarity of the Taggiasca olives, it has no bitterness. Thanks to its fruity taste and light spicy aftertaste, Santa Chiara is an ideal finishing oil: it exalts every preparation without covering its original taste. We suggest it for finishing salads, pasta sauces, fish and grilled meat.

Our commitment for quality is proved by the outstanding chemical values printed on the label: acidity below 0.3% and peroxides below 10 versus 0.8% and 20 required by law (you can read about this).

Every label displays the tasting profile in a graphic that helps the final customers to understand the properties of the product.

A further guarantee of quality is the indication of the harvest year. The law prescribes a “best before date” of 18 months from the bottling date and doesn’t require any reference to the harvest date. This situation let some producers mix oils of different harvests. Extra Virgins are not like wine: old oil means poor oil.

Santa Chiara's quality has been awarded with a gold medal at the LA County Fair and by the "Grand Prix de la Presse" at the "Salon Saveurs" in Paris.

The recognition we are most proud about is the number of awarded Chefs that daily use Santa Chiara in their preparations.