Ferrando - Carema 'Etichetta Bianca' 2008

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Region: Piemonte

Appellation: Carema DOC

Type: Red, dry

Grape variety: 100% Nebbiolo

Carema is a tiny, obscure appellation in the backwoods of Piedmont. It amounts to something like 16ha.

And yet for all its obscurity, year after year, Ferrando's Caremas sell out before they have any chance of making it on to the shelf.

The explanation for why this minuscule and marginal appellation has such an outsized fan club is simple: Carema is a special place, and Ferrando captures what makes it special perfectly.

Ferrando's Carema is Nebbiolo at its purest, its most energetic, and its most aromatic. At high altitudes, in the shadows of Mt. Blanc, on soil that's pretty much eroded rock, the grape assumes a level of finesse that's gorgeous and fascinatingly singular.

2008 vintage for Carema is, much like 08 in Burgundy, a vintage where the terroir shines through vividly. Ferrando's wines show a rocky minerality combined with herbs, tar and crushed flowers. There's a persistence of well integrated, silky tannins and acidity that's really lovely and impressive.

Ferrando Carema's lightness of color and body belies the distance that it can go in the cellar. It's a wine that ages on its balance and overall harmony. Nebbiolo ages long and gracefully, and there are many tales of outstanding bottles of Ferrando white label at 15 and even 20+ years old.

The White label is the Chambolle of Ferrando's two Caremas - above all, it's about brisk elegance and beautiful clarity.

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