Colomba Tre Cioccolati - Chocolate Easter Cake (Exclusive Import)

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Every year, we count down the days to spring and the return of La Colomba di Pasqua: "Easter Dove Cake." A counterpart to Christmas' panettone and pandoro, this rich, fluffy cake is made with high-quality flour, farm-fresh eggs, sugar, butter, and natural yeast that takes over 30 hours to rise.

After rising, the dough is baked into its iconic dove shape and topped with pearl sugar and almonds. Delicious on its own, the Colomba is often also served with fresh berries, drizzled with chocolate, or topped with whipped cream. Chef Donato likes his with a glass of Prosecco, while Chef Gianluca eats it in the morning with his coffee.

We are the only importers of Infermentum in the United States. From the producer:

Without a doubt the sweetest Easter dessert. Truly irresistible for chocolate lovers. The dough leavens naturally, hour after hour, into a fluffy delight filled with milk, white and dark chocolate, enveloped in the scents of orange and Amaretto. The Colombella is topped by an inviting glaze, enriched by a generous quantity of exquisite cocoa powder. Not to be missed.