Mancini - Spaghetti

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The Spaghetti from Mancini are made with Whole Wheat grown in their own fields in the Marche region. Mancini only uses traditional bronze extruding machines, giving the artisanal pasta a rough texture with many pores which help to better absorb the pasta sauce when finishing the dish. Mancini Spaghetti are also slowly dried at a low temperature for up to 44 hours which helps the protein structure in the pasta stay strong allowing for a better al dente texture!
Spaghetti translates to 'small strings,' and their classic strands are symbolic of the Italian culinary tradition. Each shape is air-dried slowly to obtain the best texture and flavor.
For a classic Italian dish, pair this spaghetti with a delicious tomato sauce and create pasta al pomodoro.

500 gr (1.1 lbs )