Podere Parpinello Monica di Sardegna Superiore 2019

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Located in Janna de Mare, due north of Alghero and west of the town of Sassari in the northwest of Sardinia, is Poderi Parpinello. The hillside terrain that surrounds contains densely planted vineyards & olive groves, around 30 hectares of which are farmed by Gianpaolo Parpinello and his son Paolo. Indigenous varietals are the main focus here, such as Cagnulari, Torbato and Monica.
Poderi Parpinello was born from the Parpinello family passion for vines and wine; a love that has grown over three generations. The family has one main goal: to implement their years of professional experience in the cultivation of high quality grapes and to produce wines of particular flavors and characteristics. To do this they utilize the most modern winemaking technology available today, with the aim to maintain the respect for the typical and unique nature of the wines, while at the same time reinforcing the connection to the Sardinian territory.
The history of Monica wine is inseparably entwined in the mystery and fascinating tradition of Alghero. At the turn of the 11th century a few Spanish monks planted this grape variety in the area between Sassari and Alghero. Under the reign of the Aragonese, it was the Camaldolesi who promoted the wine all over the rest of the island with such a degree of success, that today it is amongst the most popular red grape varieties on the island.

Country: Italy Region: Sardegna
Appellation: Monica di Sardegna DOC
Grape Variety: Monica 100% Alcohol: 14.5%
Aging: Used oak barrels. Soil: Chalk and granite Serving Temperature: 64°F


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