Tartufo Nero Pregiato from Umbria (Perigord) - Black Truffle

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The prestigious black truffle (tartufo nero) is one of Umbria’s most famous ‘agricultural’ products. Truffles are very rare, have a very special scent and flavor and are therefore the perfect ingredient for exquisite and delicious cuisine, like the ‘Pasta with black truffles from Norcia’ (recipe below). The truffle is not a mushroom, but a kind of fungus that grows in symbiosis between the roots of oak, chestnut and poplar trees. They are very hard to cultivate and the wild ones demand a lot of skills and expertise to find them. Nowadays the truffle hunters use trained dogs but ‘back in the old days’, female pigs were used (as the truffle scent is similar to male pig pheromones).

Suggested recipe – Spaghettoni al Tartufo Nero di Norcia
One of the classics in Umbrian cuisine is pasta with black truffles from the Norcia region. This recipe brings out the delicate flavors and aromatic qualities of both the main ingredients: pasta and truffle. Cleaning the truffle is a simple: use a small brush to clean the truffle under running cold water to remove the dirt between the folds on the surface, pat dry afterwards.


  • 16oz. of fresh Spaghettoni (We recommend our Spaghettoni!)
  • 2oz. butter (burro);
  • 1 clove of garlic (spicchio d’aglio);
  • 1oz. of black truffles from Norcia (tartufi neri di Norcia);
  • olive oil (extra vergine d’oliva Umbro);
  • salt (sale)
  • 1/2oz. anchovy (optional, recommended)
1. Clean the truffle and let it dry. 
2. Smash the garlic.
3. In a fry pan place olive oil and garlic (and anchovy if you choose) gently fry at low temperature until cooked (or until anchovies are melted)
4. Add butter to oil and garlic and let melt at very low temperature. 
5. Remove pan from fire.
6. Grate truffles over garlic/butter sauce. Mix well and let sit. 
7. Boil and salt water; add Spaghettoni and cook to preference
8. Strain pasta and add to truffle sauce, if needed add a little pasta cooking water and toss.
9. Serve hot. 
Buon appetito!